I’ll have a standard house, thanks

Sorry, but the standard house kind of doesn’t exist. The standard house is not what you could live in.

From the base price you need to add site fees (ours were $45,000) and around $50,000 minimum to put things in it.  You see, the base price doesn’t include floors, as a starter. Nor does it include very much cabinetry.  It would be a hollow shell of a kitchen.  Then the base laminates it comes with are perhaps not the ones that you’ve seen in homemaker magazines – think cardboard laminates, not a dream kitchen.

The base facades can also be a bit too much brick for our taste. The really nice facades are generally going to cost you another $7k – 30k.

We upgraded the following:

  • Added sarking to the roof
  • Upgraded ceiling heights
  • Upgraded category 2 carpets
  • Upgraded internal door quality
  • Upgraded entrance door and lock
  • Upgraded all windows and sliding doors to category 3 for durability and wear
  • Upgraded heating and cooling
  • Upgraded underlay for carpet
  • Upgraded garage roller door with remote
  • Upgraded skirting boards
  • Upgraded tiling floor to ceiling
  • Upgraded electrical (pretty much everything)

Then there are the added extras to actually live in the house and surrounds

  • Curtains and blinds $15,000 – $30,000
  • Driveway $5,000 – $10,000
  • Crossover rectification/ footpath repair $2500 – $7500
  • Front fence $8,000 – $15,000
  • Landscaping $7,000 – $25,000
  • Clothes line $300 – $1000
  • Letter box $45 – $250
  • Front path $1000 – $5000

 What did you upgrade? What did you not? Any regrets? 

Metricon Mods and Pimping

A lot of people say volume builder designs are very structured and you can’t do too much to them.

This isn’t quite true. We did a quite a few mods to our house. Granted, these mods aren’t a complete remake of the layout, but some were pretty major.

Mods we made:

  • Moved windows
  • Changed window heights
  • Added windows
  • Added to ceiling heights, door heights
  • Removed walls
  • Added walls
  • Added sliding doors
  • Changed our façade windows (sneaky, we know)
  • Added a bath to the ensuite
  • Added extra width to the lounge room
  • Added a firebox
  • Added larger island bench
  • Added extra ovens to the kitchen
  • Added doors

What mods did you make? Did you feel you could make the house your own?