Metricon Mods and Pimping

A lot of people say volume builder designs are very structured and you can’t do too much to them.

This isn’t quite true. We did a quite a few mods to our house. Granted, these mods aren’t a complete remake of the layout, but some were pretty major.

Mods we made:

  • Moved windows
  • Changed window heights
  • Added windows
  • Added to ceiling heights, door heights
  • Removed walls
  • Added walls
  • Added sliding doors
  • Changed our façade windows (sneaky, we know)
  • Added a bath to the ensuite
  • Added extra width to the lounge room
  • Added a firebox
  • Added larger island bench
  • Added extra ovens to the kitchen
  • Added doors

What mods did you make? Did you feel you could make the house your own?

4 thoughts on “Metricon Mods and Pimping

  1. Our mods include adding and subtracting windows, adding an external door, adding a laundry chute, creating space for a chest freezer, altering the kitchen bench design, moving around the kitchen layout slightly to accommodate a larger oven. Nothing really major here since we tried to pick a design that minimised our need to modify and therefore limit extra costs. More about your windows please!

    • I suspect kitchens get absolutely worked over! Love laundry chutes! We tried to get a laundry chute, but it wouldn’t work (unless you wanted clothes dropping in the living room – no! Sad about that! I agree that the layouts are amazing these days, and most people are bound to find something pretty close. I think our mods were really just nips and tucks. I’ll post a window story down the track! Thanks for sharing

  2. How did you manage to change the facade windows? We are building the Salamaca with the Nuovo facade (very early stages – still haven’t signed contract), and we have extended the WIR. I want to remove one or two of the front windows (its ridiculous to have 3 windows in the WIR and takes up valuable wall space we could be using as wardrobe space), but they won’t let us!

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