Just a normal suburban family (E & M, and two young children ) who have outgrown their home. The challenge has been deciding whether to renovate or detonate. Very hard decision. We initially went down the renovation route (well, for two years and thousands of dollars later!) but are now committed to a knock down and rebuild. This is our story.



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  1. Hi ! I’m about to put down bamboo floors through our entire downstairs, 180 sqm. I can’t decide on the colour and then I saw your blog and your ‘champagne’ bamboo floors. They look gorgeous. I’d really like to know which brand you went with? i.e. quick-step / clever bamboo
    Thanks so much

  2. Hi,
    I’ve just finished reading your blog from end to end. What a read!
    I can’t believe the similarities between your situation and the one we’re about to face. And I think you’ve just saved us thousands of dollars and more months deliberating whether to keep our old girl standing or not. We weren’t expecting to build a new home when we purchased our property two years ago – but that’s life and buyer beware (also NEVER use Arcicentre). For starters its only 8.7m wide. Thankfully Metricon have a great house that can work with our block.

    Anyway your tips and watch-outs will be invaluable as we move forward and I’ll have to write a blog of my own.

    Hope you’re enjoying your house and thanks again. Great read.

    • Katie, thank you for your kind words. I really hoped that writing this blog would help others. Blogs helped us so much i really wanted to give back. You won’t look back rebuilding. The old girl in our case/ and yours are not worth saving. M were fantastic to build with. We have not had any issues in the house (100 days or so) and we love it more and more. Please let me know if you have any questions along the way and I’ll be happy to answer them.

  3. Hi, could you tell us which tiles you selected for your fireplace wall? And supplier? We’re about to start building with Metricon and have been searching for that exact look for our fireplace!

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