Day 127 – Adam and Eaves!

We have some encloses eaves. Drive-by images so they are not the best.

All the action is happening inside the house with the plaster team.

The click framework for the cladding has also been installed around the top so the boards will probably go on today/tomorrow. I can’t wait to see the boards go on.


Day 58 – Meet Roofus : we have a roof

We have a roof. Very excited to drive past and see the lady had a hat on!  She’s starting to take shape now. And just in time. We’ve had a lot of rain and the block is soaked.

I’m glad the sarking is in place as well. Lots of houses don’t have sarking, but for me, it is a must have item.

The sarking has so many benefits and was only a small additional cost.  I’m learning too: apparently sarking is a foil barrier underneath the roof. It has many benefits but the main ones are that it helps with condensation in the roof; it stops water from dripping into your roof.

It also is another air and foil barrier to stop the sun from heating up the roof cavity.

It also keeps the roof area a little more dust free. That means the roof can be more fun to clamber about in – if that is your thing! (I quite like clambering around up and under houses!)

We’ve gone with a very light coloured colorbond roof –  surfmist. It actually looks a bit dirtier and darker than we remember. We did fear at one stage that it would be a blinding white light on the hill. It is much more subtle!

We love the look of a dark coloured roof but we couldn’t go past the benefits of a light coloured roof when it comes to heat reduction.  A light coloured roof absorbs around 30% of the sun’s heat, versus a dark colour which takes in around 95%. That is one hot roof. Some say a roof can reach up to 90 degrees. A light coloured roof can be up to 39°C cooler.



And here is the hero shot that I’m sure the Metricon marketing team will enjoy seeing. Any guesses who we are building with? Do you think the neighbourhood knows as well? Think so! I reckon they get a lot of business from these marketing banners. Very clever.

2013-12-05 18.09.07

A few shots of our roof.  

2013-12-05 18.08.362013-12-05 18.12.52

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