Footpath, crossover and pergola

Chip. Chip. Chip.

That has been the local mantra as we close down the list of to-do jobs. Finally i sorted out the asset protection permit, bond and council permits to destroy the old crossover, put in a new one and replace the footpath that Metricon pulverised during the build. Still not sure why the home owner pays for that, but anyhow. Good luck getting this one removed from your contract. It is around $250 per footpath bay, so it adds up pretty fast if your front becomes as cracked as ours did.

It took me a while to find a concrete company that I was sure would meet the strict local standards – some jobs are rejected and have to be redone.




We also decided on a shading option for the house – now that summer is over! – and went with  a hard structure that I’ll grow grape vines over to keep the house cool. The heat hurt us a few days in summer – especially the west windows. Hopefully the pergola will make a big difference. It would have been easier to do the pergola when I had the landscape team in, but we were a tad slow working out our options. It was only when we looked at awnings and external blinds that we decided we ‘hated’ that look.



Fast running out of jobs; really just some more decking and the planting of all my fruit trees. Those two jobs are fun.