Day 51 – Site visit

Small drama yesterday. Our 70 year old water meter decided to explode spilling a million gigalitres onto our site (made up bit: I really have no idea how much came out!)

Thankfully the water utility company was out in a flash. No damage but a soggy site around the side.

Today we had another official site visit. This time, it was to actually walk the rooms and get a feel for the house.

The house sits wonderfully on the block. There is a great sense of space out the front, rear and side.Very happy with the orientation. We spent a lot of time maximising our block and choosing the right configuration.

The gutters and fascias are being put on this week. Roof next week. Bricks have been ordered and will start in a week and a half.

All the windows look great. I love the surfmist colour.

Downstairs flows really well. But we already knew it would. We walked the display home for ages. It does feel quite different on your block on your soil.

The views from the windows were interesting. My established garden at the back will be a wonderful backdrop to the rear sliding doors.

It was also the first time we had been upstairs. I was very excited climbing the ladder in anticipation of what I’d see. Upstairs is massive! I was really surprised how spacious it feels. The views around us are actually quite nice and leafy.

We have a few double stories in our street so we don’t look too out of place. We have a nice view down the street as well.

The parent’s retreat is so large I think we may end up sub-letting it.

And guess what, we have sea glimpses! Chardy on the balcony watching a matchstick thick blue line of the sea.¬†Hey, better than nothing. I’ll take it!

No pictures of the view as it was too overcast.