Pros and cons of a knockdown rebuild with a volume builder

I get asked a lot about why we went with a volume builder. Why not go with a boutique builder? Or even better, why not build a dream house from scratch.


  • You get to walk in and live and breathe the house you are going to build via a display home. Don’t underestimate how amazing this is
  • Price is very sharp price compared to other options.
  • Guarantee – 25 year structural guarantee
  • Our bank was very happy that we were going with a well-known company
  • A broad range of floor plans that will suit a lot of people
  • Fixed price –what you see on your contract is what you pay


  • Somewhat limited facades
  • Lack of customisation of the house; it is not overly easy to add a room here or there
  • Some limitations of fixtures (flooring, heating and cooling etc)
  • You have to play within the volume builders timelines and milestones

What do you think? Do you have any other Pros or Cons to add to this list?