For Sale: Entire house up on ebay!

I love ebay. Really, I do. So much goodness in one site. I listed around 30 items and sold 29. The skirtings didn’t sell.

I decided to have all the items sell at once and then spend an entire weekend on site managing all the tradies coming and ripping things out. Every item required removal by the purchaser.

No one seemed to care; in fact, most blokes rocked up with a ute, a mate , and some fine tools. It was actually quite fun – looking back on it.

I’d suggest you do the pictures and descriptions in a word doc first. Then you just cut n paste them into ebay. Make sure you specify pick up times.

You’d be shocked at what people will buy.

I sold my:

  • Sink
  • Kitchen cupboards
  • Doors
  • Bedroom cupboards
  • Laundry trough
  • lights
  • Floors
  • Windows
  • sliding doors
  • tiles
  • power points
  • skirtings (didn’t sell)
  • oven
  • dishwasher
  • cupboards
  • robes
  • vanity
  • mirrors
  • Front door
  • Side door
  • Back door
  • Trees/shrubs


  • Doors ($20)
  • Sliding door ($500)
  • Ducted heating with vents ($600)
  • Stove ($450)
  • Entire kitchen ($500)
  • Bifold doors ($1300)
  • Blue stones ($150)
  • Lights ($50)
  • Swing door ($50)

I was also told that I could have sold the bricks, roof tiles and much more. So, don’t be shy, put it all on ebay.

Plants are another thing; they tend to sell as well. Oh, and even the front fence has some value to some person out there.

Tips for ebay

  • You don’t know what someone wants out of your item, so list all the details you can, including multiple images
  •  The amount of times a buyer told me they would have paid more but they couldn’t see the condition underneath, or the back, the screws, the hooks etc…
  • You will get hundreds of questions, be prepared to measure everything, and be prepared to have to go and measure some odd parts of things, diagonal width, and width of glass piece of door.
  • In your answer to buyers, remind them of the auction end date. So many of my willing buyers actually emailed me to apologise for missing the auction because they forgot. Don’t let them forget.
  • Be really clear about the pick up day and times
  • Lots of unsolicited offers will come along offering you very low buy it now prices. They’ll also tell you that their offer is best and that the item won’t sell. Delete these messages.
  • You really want everyone on your site on the same weekend window, otherwise you’ll go mad.
  • I always go 10 day auctions to get the page views right up.
  • Try and have electricity   to the property as it makes it easier to remove items (I didn’t and some tradies found it really hard to cut n dice the bits out)
  • Try and work sequentially through the house – once the front door has sold you house is no longer secure – so sell the internal items first.
  • Go for it. You’ll make a bundle of cash you can use towards the demolition.

I know one family that 100% covered the demolition cost with their period home items. That is nice work indeed. Did you ebay your house?

2013-07-07 10.12.14

2013-07-07 12.33.34

House Demolition – Hints and Tips

The demolition process is really complex. It was making me a bit nervous. Our old house had a fair bit of asbestos and I have heard that if the clean up isn’t done very carefully, you can be stung with some nasty clean up bills. It is also a very sad day. This was our home of 8 years. A home we loved and a home where we created our family. I really loved our old house as well. It was a cute old girl. I thought I’d be sadder on demolition day, but after weeks and weeks of salvage work on her (back breaking work!) I was actually quite over the entire thing – and keen for the next adventure.


Firstly, you need to get an asset protection permit from your local council. You’ll then pay a deposit promising you will not hurt any of the nature strip etc.

You then need to choose a demolition company. Metricon recommended 3 companies. One company wasn’t interested in the job, one didn’t get back to me, and one was a little too expensive.

We actually chose a Metricon blogger favourite in Jim. He was a treat. What a great demolition.  He was even so gentle not one fruit tree got hurt. Thanks Jim.

2013-07-23 17.27.26

Once I gave the green light the job actually happened within a few days. Demolition quotes seem to be in the $11,000 – $15,000 range. Asbestos clean and sewer capping included.

I recently heard of a Metricon demolition job by a company that buried all the rubble in the old swimming pool. Great. So the owner paid for a new company to come in and remove the rubble and many thousands and has had their build delayed around 60 days, and counting.

Metricon inspect your block after the demolition and I’m told some sites are put in the red bucket – do not go past go. You do not want to be that person.

Metricon inspectors also dig little holes in the soil to ensure the rubble hasn’t been buried. They are not stupid – they are on to the oldest trick in the book. Tipping fees are the biggest cost of your demolition so it makes some sense that there is a dodgy element that take this short cut – dumping and burying it on your block.

A warning on some demolition companies – some have a clause in the contract that they own the property fixtures and fittings once you sign with them. That is, you are not allowed to salvage any of your own items. That seems a bit dull to me.

I salvaged around 1/3 of the demolition cost selling every single thing I could think of in my house on ebay. It was the ebay marathon weekend!   Do not sign with these companies. Do your own salvage and be your own master!

You also need to organise a temp fencing option as soon as the demolition is complete. The temp fencing guys were on site the very next day to lock up our property.


  • Go with a reputable company – and speak to happy clients
  • Confirm what the demolition company is giving you
  • Are there hidden fees if they find tree roots (one company had a $750 surcharge!)
  • Are they doing a site clean where they go through the rubble removing the larger rocks via a large sieve?
  • What about sewer capping? Not included, this can be an additional $1200 – $2000
  • Will they do the council permit for you (far quicker)?
  • Will the give you a certificate of site inspection?
  • Will they manage the asbestos clean?

How did you find the demolition process? Were you sad when the old girl was knocked down?

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