Landscape design – first thoughts

When you bulldoze you get given a clean slate for the garden. Pity, because I liked my established garden. Then again, I get to start again and build the dream garden. So it is not all bad.

The established trees we were allowed to keep include:

  • Three avocado trees which are now into their third year of bearing fruit
  • Fruiting kiwifruit vine (one male and two females)
  • Two large olive trees
  • Loquat tree (fruiting)
  • Mulberry
  • Fig
  • Cherry tree

My garden was – and will be – 100% edible. That is, every plant must be able to be cooked or have a key use in the garden. Bamboo passes the test as it can be used to make bean and tomato stakes. Marigold flowers are an important part of the ecosystem so they also pass the test

I have around 50 fruit trees and herb trees with me in the rental that need to find a new home. I’ve also got another 20 fruit trees hiding on the non build part of our block

We’ve been advised that we need to pave around our home as a water barrier to keep any rain off the slab. Our block can get quite wet during rain. The paving has started the landscaping discussion.

Step one has been to write down the requirements.

  • Outdoor room decking wrap around to the rear
  • Water feature wall off the deck at rear (centre)
  • Citrus grove at front of property for privacy
  • Paving around the side (water barrier)
  • Extensive raised vegetable beds and herb beds
  • Permanent asparagus
  • Berry house (fully enclosed so the birds don’t get in )
  • Small green house
  • Lawn area/ clover lawn areas at front and rear
  • The dining room outlook should be very. feature driven. I’m not sure whether that is overlooking vegetable beds,arden beds.
  • The garden that supports the kitchen window outlook (south side and very tricky!)
  • Bin position is another consideration
  • Side fence for outdoor room development
  • Paving to front door

I’ve started to collect images of what I love in the hope that a basic design will leap out at me.  I’ll start shortlisting a few suppliers over the coming months. I’ve seen some great local work around our street so I’ll also do some door knocking as well.

Lovely feel and colours.

Gravel and retaining wall. Imagine this with herbs and tomatoes in it!

I love straight lines of things. I love the order and repetition. Hopefully there will be some linear elements in my garden.

A great water feature idea that would look great in front of my kiwi fruit vine

If they cut into my block any more I might be forced into this!

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