Day 35 – Ground Floor Frames

Frames were dropped off Thursday night. Rained Friday. Framing teams started today.

It was the first day we have been back on home soil for many months. Most of the viewing has been from behind the fence. Very exciting to walk the property with the house in mind. Funny, the old house seems to be fading from my mind.  

In a day they’ve done a fair bit. I can see all the rooms now. Frames. What a wonderful thing. They come completely prefabricated with numbers on them. Then the teams just bolt them into place. They did most of the ground floor in a day.

It was great to see the rooms and get a feel for the Salamanca. It has been almost a year since we walked it. I was pleased to see the floor plan really suits our block. The window holes looked grand and well situated (we changes a lot of them).

The fireplace gap in the wall will probably have the builder shaking his head for a bit longer – not a standard item- and the odd shaped feature roof will probably cause a few considered moments coming up.

 But all in all the slab looks a beauty.

The outdoor room meets my garden nicely. A good distance from the rear. The cut in has also hinted at a future raised garden bed – wonderful.  

We had our first official meet n greet with our site manager. He’s great. He’s got a few jobs to finalise before x-mas, so I’ll try and keep out of his way until then.  

It is fascinating how your house seems to grow and shrink with each stage. At the slab stage, the house seemed large and ready to each up everything around it. Now with some frames, the house has found some sensible proportion. I’m sure it will tower over us soon enough.

Next official visit will be a walk of the first storey!  Can’t wait. And will I be able to see the sea? Hope so! 



Day 8 – Site Manager and digging

We have a site manager! He’s a local guy who actually lives in our suburb. His kids go to the same primary school as ours. I’m thrilled with this development. I must ask him whether he looked after the two stunning Metricon houses just finished in our street and adjoining street. They look amazing! He’s told us ‘communication’ is key. That is music to our ears. He is also very enthused to be building the Salamanca Ascent façade – something that has never been built in Victoria! How cool is that!

We’ve also chatted to our great neighbours to let them know what is happening. We appreciate building is a disruption to their lives, so if we can make it easier through keeping them informed, then we will.

Today has seen more digging on site and the plumbers are in laying the pipes. We have been told a slab could be as close as next week – weather dependent. How exciting.

2013-10-17 18.07.02