Day 44 – Roof trusses and windows

A nice surprise today when we drove past; we have windows!  Not sure they’ll keep the cold out very well just yet, but they do start to hint at the house within!

Also great to see such a lot of work done on our pesky roof style.  It is not a standard gable roof that most people build. Instead, we have gone for a skillion roof.  A skillion roof is a bit of a rare item around the suburbs. The Metricon Salamanca – with a skillion roof has never been built in Victoria before! How exciting. We hope the boys keep the engineer’s drawings close at hand. A skillion roof basically is a roof that is not a standard triangle roof but a sloping roof surface often not attached to another roof surface.  It can also affectionately known as a shed roof.  


Windows to the front office and side lounge room and dining room.