Day 218 – We have a handover date

Everyone says the last home run takes forever.

I can agree with that. The weeks are now dragging. So slow.

The gas pipes were run down the street on Monday and Tuesday.

Now we are just waiting for a gas meter.

This meter stops the plumbing certificate which stops the occupancy certificate from being finalised which stops the handover which stops the bank’s release of final payment. 

Game of dominos for anyone?

We had our final QA inspection via Metricon’s third party provider. 

There are 13 minior items that need addressing – scratch on a tap, a few paint touch ups, a few hairline cracks on bricks that will be replaced, and a small 2mm gap between the brickwork and window that needs to be filled.

Great news as well – we now have a draft key handover date on the calendar of a few weeks time.

Very exciting if everything goes to plan.