A life full of boxes and checklists

Our attention now turns to what has to happen to move in. Suddenly we are now thinking pack up and move, rather than leave and build.

The rental needs big deep clean; and the garden needs about 40 hours of weeding and love. The hot weather hasn’t been kind to it, even with my watering.

We kept all our moving boxes in the shed all taped up so that is at least one job that can be done. The big house cull was done at the other end, so really, just a little bit of dumping will happen.  I’ll organise a garden mow and edge as well. I’ll also get some steam cleaning quotes.

We will use the same move company – they were awesome – and gave a totally stress free move.

We now start to time the rent notice period with the keys.

Next will be electricity transfer, water, gas, reconnecting the phone lines.  Then it will be crossover permit, asset protection bond back etc. Quite a bit to do.

The fruit tree death count sits at around 12 dead; and five that I think are on a critical list. Interestingly the ones that I was most worried about (citrus) actually had a 100% transplant rate.

Moving in checklist

  • Front fence installation (with uncle bob)
  • Telephone and Internet connection
  • Confirm final payment with bank
  • Clothesline (recycled from old house)
  • Letterbox (recycled)
  • Driveway
  • Retaining Wall Quote
  • Notify Australia Post and redirect mails
  • Order Bins from Council
  • Arrange for house and contents insurance
  • Electrician for lighting
  • Get aircon guy in to install reverse cycle for office
  • Council asset protection bond inspection
  • Council crossover permit