Finding your landscape design style – what style are you?  

A garden is a lot like a house; it needs to be functional, beautiful and livable. It also should contain lots of nooks (housebythewater!) and lots of rooms and moments that surprise and delight. One of the big no-nos in garden design is stealing too many styles and meshing them together. The canvass can look very messy.

My edible theme is a style well suited to the Mediterranean design series – elements of spanish, italian and french, but with a modern  symmetry and perhaps a few more hard surfaces.

So instead or random self-seeded beds, hopefully a bit more structure in terms of height, shape and contrast.   Series of items in twos or threes could be a simple way to add form and consistency.

The garden master design is really key to the future of this garden. If we can get the long term vision organised up front, I’m hoping the plantings, and projects will sort themselves out. In previous gardens I have made the mistake of taking each area as its own area – leaving the entire picture incomplete.

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for this design guide. Feel free to visit them and download the entire sheet.


Which design style are you?

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Modern Design Sheets

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And here are a few examples of how edibles can look amazing. Red cabbage and lettuce look dazzling. Who said vegetable gardens need to look messy, ugly and like utility ares? They can be works of art – that make tasty salads, should the temptation get the better of you.

Our vegetable friends have so many amazing looks. Now, back to the weeds in the rental.

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edible garden

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