Day 234 – What is that in your pocket? Jingle jangle….KEYS!  

Once upon a time – some 1606 days ago – E&M decided we needed more room for our growing family. Today, that dream became a reality. I can’t say it has been the easiest road – or the shortest – but I believe the final result is superior to all the other options and dead ends.

2014-05-30 16.30.06

2014-05-30 16.53.25

As for the build itself, that was fast. 234 days after watching our vacant site get pegged we have keys. That, by any standard, is a quick build.

The feeling today is very hard to describe. It does feel a bit like the birth of a child – that same numbness and excitement – and amazement of what you have created. It doesn’t feel real. It seems like a sliding door moment. I feel blessed and very thankful for all the wonderful advice and support we have had along the way.

I am thrilled with our builder of choice; a builder that has exceeded expectations. I appreciate you can’t please everyone every day, but we are over the moon.

Our heads are racing with all the things we want to do – and could do. I’m thinking we will cocoon for a while as we work out what is next.

The biggest thank you goes out to our M site supervisor in Melbourne’s south east, Gary, who has been perfect. His attention to detail and his focus on building a great home has been magic to watch.  He has a focus and always hits his dates. You really do put your hands with the Metricon Gods when it comes to your site supervisor. We had a blinder!

When the house was vandalised, Gary went into overdrive and had painters, cleaners, and window repair people on the site by noon. Hearing the emotion in Gary’s voice after the attack was testament to how much he wanted to deliver us an amazing house. I am told the house was back to good as new by the day’s end.

It has been a tough week waiting for the final count down. The vandalism episode even harder to take. We are emotionally spent. I am exhausted thinking about it. Even busy at work, the days have gone very slowly.  And there has always been that nagging feeling that a delay – a la gas – or worse – may come out of the blue.  We were right.

Walking through the house right now I am thrilled with our selections. You take a leap of faith when you select something off a sample. I’m sure I’ll find a few, doh, moments but none so far.  I love the space. I love the colours. I love the floors.

I love it because E&M built this home together and have shared an incredible journey. It has been hard, and long, but the most enriching experience. I am wiser. I am stronger. I love E&M even more for it. I am more patient.

I look forward to nesting again – to removing boxes and temporary from my life. I look forward to painting walls and not caring about blu-tack stains.

I look forward to cooking with my kids and tilling the soil with fresh raspberries.

The dream starts today


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2014-05-30 18.17.00

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