“Oh Mr Hart – What a Mess!!” – my garden!

Okay, I never really imagined that a build would be garden friendly, but the blokes did a stellar job keeping out of the way of my trees. But a year is a long time!

The Kiwis have become a Kokoda jungle. The possums have snacked on the avocados, the guavas think they are invincible and are eyeing off the new building for plant v building dominance. The weeds are the big winners.  Some new species too, which is a real worry!

The plants I hoped would be okay in large pots are all fried to a crisp. I think the quince is the only survivor. Sadly, these plants were too big to move. I lost a large plum, an apricot, persimmon and perhaps another plum.

On the positive, some celery has self seeded. And a few apple and plum trees have shooted from leftover root ball in the ground. So excited by this. Looks like the blackberry was okay as well. Shock horror to that one!

The in-ground fruit trees look okay. Lost a custard apple (need two to breed!) which is a blow as they are not easy to come by.

A number of silverbeet have also self seeded. I wonder what the builders made of building with beets at their feet.

The ever friendly comfrey has returned too – a great sign. A few carefully hidden artichokes have also survived. Now I need to make sense of the earth and determine what happens next.

My attention turns to the new plantings and features. My frustration now turns to the lack of a definitive list of deciduous and evergreen fruit trees. With my 100% edible garden comes a lot of leaf shedding. But that isn’t the best look over winter. I’ll need some foliage to keep me company.

The house right before the brick ‘bagging’begins.

2002-01-14 22.52.41

The front nature strip that hasn’t been mowed in a year.2002-01-14 22.51.28

The back yard needing some work. You can see my water drums, wood and recycled deck

.2002-01-14 22.54.01

A handful of the 50 odd potted fruit trees from the rental. I think I lost around 15 trees in the round trip – with another 5 on the critical list. Still, not a bad effort.2002-01-14 22.50.20