Crossover dramas

So the local council has given me a call to say that we have four footpath bays that are smashed to pieces and a crossover that need to be replaced. The M contract says the damage to footpath is ours to manage.  It’s a bit of cute contract work that basically means I’m in the drink for around $3,000! I’m currently getting quotes for a concreter to come and quote on the new ones. Thanks Metricon. For anyone else – get this clause removed from your contract!

In the meantime, I’ve been told by council that I have to use their service to remove a tree obstructing the new crossover. That is fine, but the quote is almost 3 times the rate I can find. Why is the local council tree removal cost so much more? Went to council to pay the bill. No record of the job on file. WTF? My rates at work!

And no, I’m not getting the concreter out three times; can we all be sensible and get all the ducks in a row and do the job as one large parcel of works? Sounds too simple to me! Image