What is your biggest hate in building designs?

A forum has a great post on what people hate about building designs.  http://forum.homeone.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=61908

Curious, I started to rank our building design on some of the ‘frustrations’ others have had. I guess this could also double as a great post to see what you want from your building plans

  • Forum says: Not enough storage-  Our plans: Heaps, thank you.
  • No eaves – 750 eaves!
  • Small robes – Big robes in every room
  • Bedrooms with common walls – Robes divide them
  • Bedrooms off dining/living/family rooms – No way
  • Guest bedrooms with ensuite- No way. Bathroom down the hall
  • Dining room off front hall a mile from the kitchen- Adjacent
  • Accessing the laundry through the kitchen- Down the hall
  • Fridge in pantry or at wrong end of kitchen – Fringe in kitchen, where it belongs

Did okay, I think. Oh, we did need to add a sliding door to our ensuite. That is just smart! Not sure we all need to share in those moments.

How does your floorplan stack up against the forum experts?