My kitchen – an update

I’ve had a few readers ask about how the kitchen is going. Sure. Here is the latest from the kitchen.

Still need to build the garden out the window, but the rest is pretty much done.

IMG_3160 IMG_3162



9 thoughts on “My kitchen – an update

  1. We were thinking of doing the same thing with sink and stove on the same sides… How do you find it? Is it practical enough ? Anything both you about it?.. they do always say triangles!

  2. Hi Tim. Our preference is for the island to be a perfect piece of stone. We don’t like sinks or cookers on them. That is why we put them together on the workbench. For us, our configuration works well. Fridge / pantry to island, prep, then turn around and wash/cook. Easy. The super large bench is wonderful when you are working on pasta dough or when you have lots of prep work to do. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

  3. how long is the space where you have the sink and cooker? thinking of doing the same thing but not sure i have enough space? also love your kitchen colours, have been searching for an example of exactly this look, thanks!!

  4. Thank you for your kind words. I will measure the kitchen tonight but we did need to extend the kitchen a metre or so fit in the sink and cooker on the same row. We love it so much and find it very functional and a logical way to cook.

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