Fence me in

With the landscapers packed up, I can now focus on closing our block to the street. We have lots of lovely well wishes in our area, but I do like a tiny bit of privacy that you get with a front fence.

I love using the old and finding a second use for it. I actually cut the old fence from the old house before demolition and stored it at the rear of the block.

It was a hard job to cut the fence off at the bottom of the posts in the depths of winter. It was an 8 degree day and I remember the rain and hail. I was numb by the time we finished. I remember grumbling a lot about the enormity of the recycling task.

Fast forward a year and I’m thrilled that these fence panels made putting up the new fence easy – and cheap. I was going to use timber stirrups for the fence, but decided that the weight of the fence may be too much. Instead, I decided to get fresh posts and sink them nice and deep so the fence will last at least a few years before it starts to wobble.

The new fence has cost $220. That included five 2.5 metre treated pine posts, 10 bags of concrete, fence screws and some larger bugle screws.

Here are just a few of the old fence panels cut into 2 – 3 metre lengths.


The posts set and resting with some woodwork to keep them exactly level


More supports. You can never have too many support beams!IMG_3159

Then we cut n pasted the fence pieces to the posts.IMG_3184

A lick of coat later and we have a brand new fence.


Hard to believe it is the same fence. Very happy.

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