Let there be lights

This is a bit embarrassing but we’ve been the house for around 5 months and have kept finding excuses to not put up the new lights. We have been trying to get all of our lighting jobs organised so we could batch the job with our electrician friend.

We’ve been collecting our dream lights for a year as they became available or they went on sale.  We have more lights to go but we really wanted to start the journey. Then there was a four month delay with one of the lights coming across the oceans from far away.

Recent jobs:

  • 3 pendants over the kitchen bench
  • LEDs column lights outside
  • Stairwell hangers
  • Fan in lounge room
  • Hanging dining room light

It makes such a difference. It really closes in the room and reduces the ‘barn’ feel. Now the spaces feel a lot more intimate.





1 thought on “Let there be lights

  1. Lighting looks fantastic, I especially like your stairwell ‘hangers’, but they’re all beautiful and quite distinctive. Really completes your interior.

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