Landscaping – part 3

The bricky team came and conquered the footings after given them some time to dry.

The team ate up all of my 6000 bricks like they were child’s play.Here I was thinking I’d have heaps and be able to sell them on ebay! In fact, I think I will be short about 2000.

2014-10-10 17.11.03

A shot of how I hope the finished product will look.


The main garden beds were laid inside a day. We have one wall to go and the two main inner vegetable beds.

The de-nailing of the old merbau is taking forever! I keep thinking of the savings, but doh! what a job!

2014-09-28 14.08.18


The bricks were double laid to give my beds some extra strength. It also means that all of my walls now double as seats!

It is quite confronting to go from soil to hard cold brick walls; they’ll be bagged and painted, but suddenly the joint looks like a building site and pretty darn ugly. But the garden vision is emerging from the earth. We are getting there….slowly.

2014-10-10 17.17.01

2014-10-10 17.17.05

2014-10-10 17.16.51

Meanwhile, all my fruit trees in pots are in full flower. I do hope I can hang on to some of the fruit in the pots.

But so many more jobs to go:

  • Finish the brick wall,
  • ag pipe to side and front,
  • Brick up the two garden beds,
  • finish the sleeper wall at front
  • Remove two tree roots and grind down
  • lay the red gum stepping stone pavers to side and front
  • Lay weed matting to all
  • Lay tuscan toppings to driveway and side
  • Deliver 10 cubic metres of soil and fill beds
  • lay all irrigation pipes for the drip system
  • Bag all garden beds to match house
  • Reinstate front fence
  • Build merbau landing deck to front of house
  • Build rear deck to house using recycled materials
  • Build rear garden beds
  • Sow lawn to rear of yard
  • Paint fence woodlands grey
  • Plant trees

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