Edible garden landscaping begins

It has been a very long time since I was in my own garden. Probably two or more years now. How I miss picking the fresh season’s asparagus and cooking up a quick meal; how I miss having a hundred herbs at my finger tips. How I miss hunting for potatoes and berries with the kids.

The most emotionally difficult thing for me was dismantling my garden to demolish the house. Started a garden fresh after 8 years felt like such a regressive step. But now as I look at my garden plans I am finally excited by what the new garden will become.

And finally the landscaping has started.


I was lucky enough to be on site all day so I could help out with the hard jobs like digging up tree roots that somehow avoided house demolition and are in the way. I hate tree roots. One of the roots I dug up was as thick as a garden bucket!

It was also good to walk the plans and actually make a  few changes once we mapped it out. We pushed a few garden beds deeper/shallower. A sewer pipe was in the way so we also dodged that with a deeper garden bed.

The deck will extend out to the fence and have a double brick retaining wall for added seating.



So many concrete footings to be poured!




The best win for the day was using the excess soil to fill out the backyard which used to dip down around a metre. Amazingly, we managed to fill this area so the ground is now flush. We’ve now got a level backyard, ready for some grass.IMG_2749

We realised that the site levels were slightly different to the plans once we moved some soil around, so we’ve decided to work with the new levels as best we can.  I’m happy, with that. It makes my feature garden beds more of a feature.

The lads have done a cracking job in just a day. They have set all the side levels, dug all the trenches for the brick footing retaining walls.

The railway sleeper soldiers give a hint at how amazing the garden will be. Now the digging and levelling is done, I am even more impressed with the plan and how it forms around the home. The feature deck is going to be very impressive.



The next steps are to pour the concrete footings, lay the soldiers, then start the brickwork. I have 6000 reclaimed bricks from the build that will be recycled into the garden. It has been a huge saving off the landscaping cost.

Once the brickwork is done, we’ll put in the ag pipe drains to keep the land dry, lay the weed matting and tuscan topping. I’ll also need to order a few truckloads of fresh soil for the garden beds.

Then the fun part – I get to plant out my very patient fruit trees into their new homes

2 thoughts on “Edible garden landscaping begins

  1. Very exciting. What a way to spend your spring time! I love, love, love railway sleeper soldiers. I can’t wait to see them finished. You have a lot of work ahead of you, but so nice to get a head start from the landscapers.

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