Moving and livin’  

Apart from my baseball bat night vigils at the house sleeping on the floor (pretty uncomfortable), the family joined me Monday night for the first sleepover. It was great to have their company, and also to have access to proper bedding.  

Our moving company juggled some jobs and let us sneak a move on Monday night – a week early. Thank you Andrew from AJ Transport (Melbourne/Aspendale). We’ve used these guys twice now and I couldn’t be happier.

We dodged rain storm 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after. Very lucky! The boys did a great job and had two trucks running to make the job faster – less precise packing – as they had more room in the trucks.  They are careful, yet work very fast. Entire move was done in around 3.2 hours!

Back to the house: I’ve run in the ducted and I’ve given the firebox two of three burns to wear it in. The ovens have been burnt in as well.  

Telstra has told me that my new phone line is not an easy job – they need to dig under the road. What is it with this house and digging under the road? Gas. Power. Now the phone line. Expect a long delay was the tone of the conversation. 

The temp front fence was removed on Wednesday and I said farewell to the Metricon banner.  The front of the house looks like a mud pit – and very exposed without a front fence.

We are using old mats and cardboard as stepping stones. Yuk-ville.

The house continues to surprise me with its wonderfulness. We are still coming to terms with the house, the space and some elements. More pictures to come later – too many boxes and things to do at the minute.