Dining table reveal

I promise I wasn’t looking for a dining table. I was happy living in my cocoon.

But one evening on ebay I found our dream table.

She seats 10 – 12 and came with 10 recently redone chairs! She is Tassie oak and has a custom made stainless steel frame.

She was purchased 8 years ago for $5,500 in a custom furniture shop.

At $660, I’m happy to take this as a little gift. She isn’t easy to move – and a big thank you to the blokes who helped me move her!

Now off to find some ebay stools!


6 thoughts on “Dining table reveal

  1. Btw, on a side note, did you pick up your window finishings through Metricon? I’ve noticed they now offer window coverings, but was wondering if they were reasonable value. They look great.

    • Hi T. We did go through M for the blinds. We got a quote which was high 12 months ago, then M changed blind supplier and we got a special offer in the mail which was a lot better!!!

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