What really happens at handover and completion  

I struggled to find any information on what happens at handover so I hope the following helps others.

Handover is far more than being tossed the keys. The handover ceremony takes around an hour.

Firstly, we presented our SS with a bank cheque. Without this important piece of paper the house will not be released. You can let your bank pay the final invoice, but you can lose 7 – 10 days so most go with a bank cheque. This cheque is then photographed and emailed to M accounts for the house to be released.

We then got an opportunity to do another inspection and test out all taps, toilets and appliances.

We were given a lesson on the 90 day window to report anything. Basically we log all the odd jobs and things we are not happy with and all-in-one handyman comes out and does a few odd jobs. So far, we have a lone item – sticky shower screen door. The latch just needs to be eased a bit.

Anything urgent and you get a special number to call for warranty issues.

We also got all the certifications and papers for every single trade person who worked on the home. We also got given all of the warranty information about the home, how the 7 year warranty works and the conditions relating to the M 25 year warranty.  A few things will void your warranty, including not conducting annual pest inspections. I’ll put one of these in the diary for every 12 months.


We were also given a number of tips on how to care for the new home.  Some of these are pretty simple like don’t crank the heating early as the house is still breaking in.  Keep an eye out for water damage as the discharge pipes can come loose after some warm water hits them etc.

We were also handed all of the instruction manuals and care instructions for pretty much everything in the house. I think I counted 45 documents.  Great reading. I was surprised how many of the appliances require a pre-burn or a running in period.

Once you sign your life away for the last time – sign here please – you then get your keys and the highly desirable M key ring.

And what handover would be complete without a gift set. The kind people at M also hand you a lovely gift box. This round, it is from the Jamie Oliver collection. Thank you. Nice touch.

Oh, and given that the house is now ours – including all liabilities – I am now sleeping sentry at the house until we officially move in. I know others have chosen to do this.

I know the risk is low, but we have a house full of appliances and it does look unoccupied. And you just never know, those pesky kids may come back again with their spray cans.

2014-05-30 18.22.23

4 thoughts on “What really happens at handover and completion  

  1. Fantastic new that your build is now over and that you’ve been so happy with the process – you must be counting the days to the big move, how exciting for your family.
    Good luck with your move.

    • Thank you Johanne. I must agree the sleepovers – whilst lonely, are actually a rare break from the every day. It is just me and the house. Every minute I learn something new or see a new view. I hope this lasts forever.

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