Day 212 – But where is the gas meter?

So, we are done. Finished. The house is complete. Blinds are in. Carpets are in. Independent M inspection went well. Certificate of occupancy went well.   There is nothing more the builder needs to do (few touch ups)

…but the gas man is another story.

It seems the gas meter, and connection to the gas mains in the street is months late. The job was booked in March, and still nothing.

Dormant house. Waiting. Next month’s rent is also due next week. Very frustrated.

Of all the delays…who would imagine it would be the gas….

Makes me smile as we almost turned off the gas and had a fully electric / solar house.

We have an inspection and official presentation of the house next week  – photo bomb to come…(minus the gas meter)

3 thoughts on “Day 212 – But where is the gas meter?

  1. that’s a shame about the gas, but it sounds like everything else has been super speedy if they’re otherwise done by day 212 . It must be so frustrating to be soooo close yet not quite there.

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