Quad on earth is that?  

One of the best ways to save money for the builder is to have the trades come once, or twice, and finish their work.

So it makes sense for the trades to get as much done as they can.So the skirtings and architraves go on pretty much after plastering.

Now, as far as I can tell, the whole point of skirtings is to tidy up the join between the floor and the wall plastering. Well, these days, with the floor going on AFTER the skirtings, there is a gap that is created.

This small gap between the floor and the skirting needs something on it to hide the gap. What is used to cover this gap is called quad or beading.

flAccQuad (1)

Everyone has a view on quad and whether they like it or now. I’m here to explain some of the options for quad.

1)  Decide to love it; then decide whether you want it to match the floor colour or paint it to match the skirting

paintedquad3 quadraw

2)  Decide you hate it and get your builder to do the floor first (cover it with protection) then do the skirtings (for an additional fee of circa $2500)

3)  Decide you hate it and do the flooring yourself.

Any decision to do the flooring after the build raises other issues. How will you get the skirtings on? Again you have a few options.

1)  Ask your builder to cut the skirtings and label them for you to put on later

2)  Ask your builder to tack them on the wall lightly so you can easily remove them when you come to do the flooring.

I have heard of it costing upwards of $1500 to have a tradesperson to come in and help you get the skirtings back on. A bit to think about for everyone.

We took the quad path. We are still unsure whether we’ll paint them or leave them.

At the end of the day, once the place is furnished, I’m not sure the quad will really be something that features in any way, shape or form.

Are you a quadder or not?

1 thought on “Quad on earth is that?  

  1. We are doing the floors ourselves after handover. The builder did not include skirting, so the debate is not the same for us. Our current plan is to go skirting-less. Use only the beading after the floorboards are in. I think it will suit the modern style of our house. If not, we’ll have to fork out for skirting.

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