Questions from blog readers and via Google

There are some odd search engine requests that land on this blog. Thankfully most of them are great questions. Allow me to answer some of them. Most of the questions relate to Metricon prices or the building process.


Can you upgrade the skirting boards?

Yes. And we did to a lamb’s tongue. Cost was around $1200.

What are the standard Metricon basins like?

We found they had just upgraded the range to a nicer basin, so we went with them. In the ensuite we deleted two basins and ordered a larger one for $50 fee. Well worth it.

Can you leave your existing clothesline when you knockdown?

I will keep away from the fact that it must be a pretty fancy clothes line, but yes, you can leave things on your block if you can show they will not get in the way of the build crew. We left a lot of trees and a shed on the rear and right hand side of our block. It is a common misconception that you need to clear the block entirely. Not true.

How much of a Metricon build is prefabricated?

I think some of the frame came in pre-fab form, and the base cabinets, but I’m pretty sure everything else was done on site.

How long does a Metricon build take?

Factor in a year, expect 250 – 280 days.

Can you customise your home theatre doors?

We don’t have a home theatre, but yes, there were quite a few door options ranging from swinging to sliding. Full glass panels, to hard wood doors. Knock yourself out!  

How do you prepare for the Metricon colour selection appointment – or better known as studio M.

This might help.

What is the base price of the Salamanca?

Generally speaking, Metricon base prices for a double storey range from $240,000 – $350,000 That gets you in the game. You’ll need to add more to make it habitable. The top end of that range is for something very large like the Nolan and the bottom end for a sub 30 square house.

Is the standard tile range okay?

I think so. Best way is to go into your local Beaumont and look for the little blue stickers (M range). If you do go outside of the standard range, confirm in store they have a lot of them in stock.

What is the standard ceiling height?

I think it is 2550 and 2400 upstairs. We went for added height to the downstairs to 2700 and 2550 upstairs.

Can you change the Metricon floor plan?

Depends on what you want to do. We wanted to add a few metres onto the rear of the house which couldn’t be done, but boy did they try and accommodate us. I have friends who have swapped rooms and done some amazing customisations, so don’t be shy and ask!

Metricon upgrade costs?

I have listed some on this blog. Best place is here:

What is the soil test process?

There is a soil test before the house is demolished to give you a quote on your site fees. A second soil test is done after demolition to ensure there are no other surprises. We found the estimate from the first soil test was just confirmed by the second. Nothing nasty was found after the house land had settled.

Metricon open fires?

Yes. They will do an open fire, but you do need to push for it. This took us a lot of time and negotiating. It ain’t cheap, but we think it is worth it. I’ve been told that M have been asked for so many of them lately that they are softening on their stance and becoming more open to fireplace discussions. I have heard with other heating sources climbing, the humble wood fire is making a small comeback.

Do we like the sublime teak in our kitchen?

My word we do. Love it. Will let you know how much once we move in. I was worried about it at selection, but so far it looks better than I imagined.

Can you upgrade your insulation with Metricon?

Yep. But we didn’t. The house comes with 2 in the walls and 4 in the roof.

How much for tiles to the ceiling?

It cost us $300 per wall. More if you choose more expensive tiles.

Is oyster linea too light?

It is not the darkest thing in the world. It is very subtle. Yes. Perhaps too subtle, depending on what is going on around it.

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