Windows to the world 

I’ve been asked a few times about windows and how much the volume builders will let you customise. The good news is that we were allowed to add as many windows as we wanted. The cost for an extra window was very reasonable, ranging from $300 to $800 for the kitchen splash back.

2014-03-18 17.01.25

  • We added a window to the kitchen as a splash back. Can’t wait for this very popular feature in our own kitchen. We changed a few windows from overlooking a neighbour to the rear of the property  – no frosting required.
  • We added a window to our walk in robe (small) in the chance that we might steal some sea views (we can!)
  • We added three smaller windows to our facade as we felt a large window was too severe and not private enough given that is where you get dressed
  • We swapped out and centred a window with a sliding door for access to our future rear deck.
  • We added a larger widow to the bathroom and aligned the window with the bath so we can watch the moon!
  • We added another widow to the study to capture more north light
  • We looked at double glazing but the cost – in this case – didn’t really have a reasonable pay off for us.  We’ll look at a pergola for the rear and think curtains to keep the heat in during winter.

3 thoughts on “Windows to the world 

  1. Hi Shamus,

    How good does the window splash back look in houses? We love it too. I think it was the first design element we chose! Thankfully the price was okay! I loved the idea of doing one in the pantry, but we decided on an appliance shelf instead.

    • We had them in then took them out when we were trying to manage costs. We have now put them back in because they look so good. The point about the appliance shelf is a good one – we will ask if we can have power points on the side walls in the pantry. It’s good to have toasters, kettle etc in the pantry out of sift.

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