Day 185 – Tiling and painting all done   

Boy was today fun. Not only was it my birthday – not that exciting – but because I got to visit the house. She’s getting very, very close!  The painting is all done. We chose clay pipe ¼ for the walls. We needed a softer colour to ease the bling of the champagne bamboo floor, which will be very striking.

2014-04-11 08.28.43

The painters have done a great job and the house is starting to look like a house. The tiling is complete. I was a bit nervous about the selections but I can sleep well tonight. The Metricon standard tile range (free with the home)  – via Beaumont are very reasonable we felt, but others have said it is limiting. We found the colours we liked. We chose two floor tiles, saltbush and a grey one. The grey tiles are in the wet areas downstairs and the softer saltbush in the bathrooms. We went white tiles on the walls. We added floor to ceiling tiles in a few spots as it was not much more ($300 per wall).    Your allowance is $30 psm. It is very easy to get carried away and find dream tiles in the $50 -$100 range. I heard one couple hit a $15,000 tile bill. Ouch. All the electrics are in so I went around playing with light switches and fans.  All the circuits and power points are all correct. In fact, I can’t see a single error. Great work team Metricon. I’m a big fan of the double quad boards in the pantry that will become our appliance shelf. No more searching for the blender or juicer or coffee grinder of ice cream machine etc…etc. The quality teams have added a heap of red dots where they are not happy with something small. They have good eyes – red dots are everywhere on paint touch ups, scratches on things. Some are almost microscopic. I’m so happy to have the quality team really pushing the fault identifying. Better now than later. The teams were installing the toilets, sinks and taps today. Shower screen and mirrors next week, along with wardrobes and shelving. Bamboo flooring starts next week, and carpets the week after. Balcony wire to come. But really, we are ALMOST there. You could live in this house now – I’ve lived in worse! Little Pig, little pig, let me in! 2014-04-11 08.11.36   2014-04-11 08.27.29

2014-04-11 08.14.36

2014-04-11 08.13.02

2014-04-11 08.13.34 2014-04-11 08.02.30 2014-04-11 08.00.54


2014-04-11 08.04.06

7 thoughts on “Day 185 – Tiling and painting all done   

  1. Don’t be! I really wanted a sink in there! But the compromise was 8 power points! There are four shelves to come next week. Then it will start to look like somewhere to store food – and coffee!

  2. Thanks Chester. Not nearly as amazing as your tiles – which I love. If I had my time again I would have added a bit more bling. I’m hoping we can do that with some amazing lights and some other design elements down the track!

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