Day 150 – Doors, benches, architraves, vanities

Unremarkably we past the fixing stage during the week. What does that mean? Well, it means that the builder has reached the next milestone in terms of items completed. It also means they would like another 25% of the build cost paid into their bank account.

I was really impressed with the QA work that has been done. There are a handful of little pencil marks where the site supervisor is not happy. I have to say, he’s a keen eye. Some of the defects are very marginal. Great to see!

So much has happened. An industrial cleaning team has been through the house as removed any traces of dust (for the painters?). The bricks have been scrubbed clean – even though they were pretty much immaculate.  The painter has finished the externals and has moved into the internals.

The internal benches have been done. The island chunky stone looks great. Very happy with this kitchen paradise. The bathrooms have benches, and vanities.

The doors are all hung. Even the front door. Yay. All the architraves and skirting boards are done. I’m thrilled with the lamb’s tongue upgrade. It gives the modern house a bit of a lift and gives a bit more bling to the floors – which is needed as we went with higher ceilings.

I’m not super sold on the laminates in the bathrooms and powder rooms after touching the amazing kitchen stone benches. But hey, a budget is a budget. We always said the kitchen was the ‘mortgage pain’ zone. The bathrooms were always a distant second.  Mrs E&M reckons it looks amazing, so it might just be me. I’ll know more when we see all the bells and whistles installed.

The painters are in for the next 10 days, the tilers booked after that. Electricals, wet area appliances, and flooring is after that.

We also chose our firebox hearth this week. It was really a case of which black/grey goes best with the unit. I think we looked at 100 black or grey samples until my eyes and mind were torn to shreds. We eventually went with the grey/black/speckle something that looked the best after an hour of staring at them all.

In the meantime, I’ve been on the phone getting the landscapers to come and quote on building a master plan – a plan that we can bite size chunk into smaller projects. I’ve got a terrific guy in mind; lets hope he is able to quote on the job and help me build my edible garden paradise.

I’ve also had a local bagging/render mate on stand-by to come out and quote. As we are doing a first coat rough render (preferred look) the job should be pretty straight forward. I’ll get quotes over the next few weeks. It will be a single coat job with us doing the external paint finish later. We have very clear colours in mind so adding a colour to the mix will not be as accurate as a painting it our colour. We do not like the modern clean line finish render. Interestingly, the render guy says the rough one-coat jobs are coming back in.





4 thoughts on “Day 150 – Doors, benches, architraves, vanities

    • Hi Johanne. So far, yes. Very happy. The team are doing a great job. I think we have a very passionate site supervisor who appreciates that a small error left equals a big one later.

  1. Looking fabulous guys! I know what you mean about the stone vanities in the bathrooms – we got lucky and had 20mm included in our upgrades but we wouldn’t have been able to afford it otherwise. I think the laminex looks great with your cabinets- I actually couldn’t tell that it wasn’t stone in the picture.

    Rough render finish for your facade is the way to go. We have moroka on ours which is quite rough up close but the texture adds interest. I’ve noticed people wanting to touch ours and I find myself doing the same 🙂

  2. Hi Chester. I actually thought yours was a pure render play. I just revisited your page (facade) and I can see the faint pattern of bricks. I’m sold! Thank you for the laminate comfort. Hopefully with full wall tiling (only $300 more) and full mirror and some amazing lights we won’t really notice the benches!

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