Dining room pendant selection

My love affair with lights continues. I have found these lights but I can’t decide which one I like. I’m thinking of something really luxurious over the dining table.

The first is a Regina Andrew design – it is sophisticated and a real piece of hanging art. I’m struggling to find it in Australia and I’m not sure how easy is is to purchase overseas and install locally. I’ll do some more search engine work on that one.


The next is a Jordi Vilardell wind pendant, made from fibreglass resin. It would give the most amazing pattern on the roof when lit.


The next is a Large Dauphine Pendant Light Chandelier Silver Quatrefoil Horchow

light again

This is an ebay special. Pretty nice too! Love da price!

pendant ebay

And how about this beauty? Amazing Amara Stainless Steel Pendant Lamp


The light is on a dimmer switch which i suspect will rule out some of the lovely LED installation type pieces. This might be made a lot harder in that case…

This is another contender.

ebay goldenlight


Or for the understated bling of the lovely Chloe.



Or this bad boy. Complete with full bling from beacon




3 thoughts on “Dining room pendant selection

  1. I like the first two the best, but that’s because I prefer my luxury to be understated. Regina Andrews has come across my radar too, but I don’t think I found anything in Australia. Overseas purchases of lighting are a dilemma… Worst case scenario could be that you use only the shade and adapt it to a local hanging bulb. The thought that that could mean cutting and pasting an expensive shade scares me a bit though. I also like to support “Australian made” so my dining room splurge is going to be an Aussie piece of beauty.

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