Day 144 – Lock up and lining boards

Lock up happened. Officially.

The cladding is all done – now that the second shipment arrived. The facade is taking shape. I can’t wait for the scaffolding to come off. The front balcony wire still needs to go on, but you can start to see the style.

We chose this facade site unseen as it has not been built in Victoria before. We had only seen some pictures and artist’s impressions. I’m glad we took the punt – we love it. It has a real coastal feel and looks unique – unless you are in Torquay (a surf town where every house seems to have a sloped roof!)

The lining board look can be poorly done on some house renovations – can look really cheap – but we are thrilled with the progress so far.

We have another site tour very soon so I’ll be able to show all the work that has been going on internally.

front of house



2 thoughts on “Day 144 – Lock up and lining boards

  1. Your house is looking great. I’m sure your looking forward to all that scaffolding coming down. I like your idea of the eatable garden. I think the wife wants to do that too. I was amazed at the amount of plants and tree’s you are going to have. How are you going to fit them all? I’m guessing you have a decent sized property.

    We also paid more attention to our Kitchen being the ‘Entertainment Hub’ of our home like yours. Made sure to add a few extra upgrades for it. I love your window splash back. We saw it in a couple of display homes and loved it but unfortunately the home design we went for couldn’t accommodate for it (Unless we wanted to look into our Laundry haha).

    Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your build.

  2. Hi istephendj, Thank you for your kind words. I can’t wait for the scaffolding to come down! The house looks so fat and ugly. Our block is around 600; so it is not small. I usually plant the trees close together as they can be planted together in clusters to make more room. I then keep them nice and small. I also try and focus on the dwarf types as well. The kitchen splashback is lovely. I know it is trendy, but i love it. It will look great once there is a garden out there. A laundry view isn’t perhaps the neatest view of the land!

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