Let there be light – pendants!

I love lights. I mean, if I could, I’d be the Imelda Marcos of lighting – with way too many of them!  We didn’t want lighting to be an afterthought so we created a lighting shortlist for our floorplan a while ago. Now comes the fun part – buying all the lights. The first few packages have started arriving – bound for the shed.

Our fantasy lights have been these fucsia single pendants – by Achille Castiglioni. Three of these will hang over the island bench.  They are just stunning and I love them to death. We started off with an intention to buy the originals – but the $400 per light price tag had us reeling.

pendant over bench

Given we love them, we were ready to suck up that one. But then, we stumbled across a ‘reproduction’ at a fraction of that price. The look isn’t exact, but its damn close.

We also picked up these reproduction Ferruccio Laviani lights which are amazing. They are quite large (30cm long) and will make a great feature in the entrance hall or in the stairwell. It hangs like a piece of art, rather than a light.


2 thoughts on “Let there be light – pendants!

  1. Looks like the house is coming along beautifully E&M! I love your lighting choices so far, especially the Ferruccio Laviani pendants. Since planning for our build I have discovered that I too have a lighting addiction – well chosen lighting really adds the character of a home. Our kitchen pendants are a little mainstream but will be equipped with Philips Hue light bulbs so we can change the colour and intensity of the light. I’ve also been lusting over a the Bacco 123 table lamp by Guido Rosati. So many options and not enough house to light!

    • Thanks Chester! I checked out your Bacco. What a statement! A few well selected lights can turn ordinary building into something amazing, yet it is last on some people’s minds.

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