What will our house look like – meet the Salamanca in pictures!


The number one benefit of going through a project or volume builder is that you get to walk the house that you will buy. Imagining your house plans is very, very hard to do. There is something very confirming about walking the display home – complete with plans and a tape measure in hand. So with our plastering almost done I thought I’d share a few images of a Metricon Salamanca display home. I don’t know where these images came from – but they give a great idea of what the Salamanca looks like inside. Of course, these images have a few lovely upgrade items, but I think you’ll get the gist.

Living and dining and kitchen area. We have sliding doors. We once had bi-folds in a previous home, but they let too many insects in; and we only ever opened them fully on special occasions.

2012-10-14 12.28.04


Main bedroom. It is the size of a small sports oval. Not sure we want or need that much space but that’s the way it comes; we may also include a small second office in it later as it has the room.




Front entrance. I like the idea of wallpapering the main wall for some impact. I’m not sure our front door is quite as grand as this large pivot door. We’ve gone a small upgrade.



Chill out room at the top of the stairs. Will be the children’s mess (sic) room.


2012-10-14 12.45.20

An image of the upstairs landing leading to the main bedroom.

2012-10-14 12.54.49


Shot of the very large walk in pantry. No, we don’t have a door in ours. Not sure why this one does either!



How the kitchen bench is connected to the living area. They are very close together, so a tidy kitchen will be forced on me. So has been the largest kitchen extraction system to keep the house smelling more like a house and less like a chilli crab den…





A shot of the dining table and the front door in the distance.





Outdoor room. Not huge, but will fit a bbq and a few chairs.



One of the smaller bedrooms upstairs. Small by M standards, large by ours. I think it is 3.5 x 3.5

2012-10-14 12.46.39


There you have it; a snapshot of the Salamanca. We loved it the second we walked it. Really, there was no other floorplan that resonated with us. To be able to walk it, live it, touch it was such a brilliant bonus.

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