Day 116 – Bricking done

The bricking is complete and the guys have done a great job. The last piece of the puzzle is the massive chimney; and it appears there are a few ways of building this.  As I’ve said before, I love my fireplaces. After all this work to get the fireplace sorted I promise to love and cherish it!

I’ve put in a request to keep any extra bricks to assist with any retaining walls or garden beds I might build down the track. I think I have the option to keep any non-whole pallet loads. I have no idea how many that will be but other have been left with 400 -600 bricks. Neat.

The wrap is now completed on the top floor as well. This is laying the base for the cladding. The cladding will be our first look at our colour scheme. We chose our colours off an A4 sheet of paper. Next time we see the colour it will be installed and on the house! I’m not panicking yet…but I do reserve the right to panic later. 

Our site supervisor is thrilled with our job and said we are making great progress. As such, he’s hoping to expedite the build a bit. Now, I’m not getting excited, but he’s hinted that my move in date may be a little too conservative! I won’t jinx the job, but I’ll know more over the coming 30 days. After this news I was jumping around the office with a boyish grin and a spring in my step.

The plaster is planned for next week and I’m told it is a bus-load of lads will complete the job within a week. Cool.  Next week will also see the external cladding put on and the eaves done. I can’t wait for the external cladding to be taken down. This will narrow the new girl down a bit. She’s looking a little large and bloated on the block.

The next month will see the stairs and cabinetry start. I really like how we are given an advanced list of next steps. I feel a bit in the loop. The next site visit and walk is planned when the plaster has been done.

I have chatted to a landscape company who will swing by when we can coordinate our diaries. I’m really keen to get the master plan done early so any excavation work can be done nice and early.


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