Day 98 – bricking continues

Turns out the house has not been dormant. The brickies worked through the break. I think they had a few days off but since then they have been gunning it. To my untrained eye the brickwork looks really neat and tidy. Great job. Our site supervisor is also really impressed with the work.

I am really enjoying my weekly update from our site supervisor. He is very good at keeping us up to date with everything. He lets us know the next few week’s deadlines and expectations. He gets extra points as he keeps telling me how much he really likes the façade of our home! As the bricks are finished off there are a few lasting questions about the chimney and the team need to check with the engineers who drafted the plans. I guess it is not every day you build a six metre chimney!

Work will also start on the garage brickwork to the boundary fence.

We are in the middle of a Melbourne heatwave but the brickies – made of stronger stuff than I – have decided to keep working (at least the morning shift most days this week!).

The plaster sheets are scheduled to arrive next week and hopefully the plasterers  can start. I’m really impressed that we are up to plastering already. The upper insulation and cladding is also on the work plan for the next fortnight. Next step, scaffolding.



2 thoughts on “Day 98 – bricking continues

  1. Wow, what fantastic progress on your home! I’m terribly jealous that you have such gret communication from your SS – ours is a little lacking on that front. I hope you aren’t melting in Melbourne, for once we are relieved that we haven’t made a trip for the tennis!
    Very much looking forward to seeing photos of your brickwork.

    • Thank you Chester! We are very lucky with our SS. He is very good at letting me know what is happening next. I think he’s learnt that if you inform me first I have far less to call and bother him with. Sorry to hear your communication has been lacking. It really is a bit of a lucky dip.

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