What is your biggest hate in building designs?

A forum has a great post on what people hate about building designs.  http://forum.homeone.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=61908

Curious, I started to rank our building design on some of the ‘frustrations’ others have had. I guess this could also double as a great post to see what you want from your building plans

  • Forum says: Not enough storage-  Our plans: Heaps, thank you.
  • No eaves – 750 eaves!
  • Small robes – Big robes in every room
  • Bedrooms with common walls – Robes divide them
  • Bedrooms off dining/living/family rooms – No way
  • Guest bedrooms with ensuite- No way. Bathroom down the hall
  • Dining room off front hall a mile from the kitchen- Adjacent
  • Accessing the laundry through the kitchen- Down the hall
  • Fridge in pantry or at wrong end of kitchen – Fringe in kitchen, where it belongs

Did okay, I think. Oh, we did need to add a sliding door to our ensuite. That is just smart! Not sure we all need to share in those moments.

How does your floorplan stack up against the forum experts?


5 thoughts on “What is your biggest hate in building designs?

  1. Our biggest issues was home theatre size. I’m a real Home Theatre geek and prefer the room to be 4m by 7m. Metricon does one that’s 4m by 6m in their Liberty and to extend to 7m costs $10k. Porter Davis (whom we’ve gone with in the end) has one that’s 4m by 5m and won’t let us extend 😦

  2. Hi Jack! A cinema sized theatre room sounds amazing! We just couldn’t fit one in on our floor plans! We did try! Say, what sound are you putting in your theatre room? Seems like some amazing options out there now days.

  3. Hi there E & M!
    What a great post and the thread you mentioned certainly was an interesting read. I’m afraid I have one of those ‘resort style’ bathrooms that everyone is talking about. It does not have doors and runs directly off our master bedroom but it is cleverly designed so that the shower and bath are tucked out of the line of sight from the bedroom. Many of the style cues and colours for our master flow on from the bathroom, so I wouldn’t want to close it off. The toilet is completely closed off by a sliding door, which was a necessity (a little mystery right).

    Our biggest dislike is having the master bedroom at the front of single story homes. I feel intrusive walking into a home with a master off the main hallway, especially when the door is open. For this reason ours is at the back, down a small hallway from the kitchen. We sound proofed most of our rooms to reduce noise as well.

    I think this topic really highlights the diversity in taste and preferences between people! Builders must have a hard time catering to such a range in their designs.

  4. Hi Chesterfieldbythesea,

    Master at the front of the house is one of ours as well! Yuk. Interestingly, our first design had a bedroom off the living and it never sat well with us. Such a compromised design.

    I’m a fan of resort style bathrooms. But in our case I smashed down the toilet wall and door to make the bathroom bigger and more open style which meant that the bathroom needed a door! And wifey was a little nervous as our bathroom is sort of inside the walk in robes so she was a little worried about the steam (I take long showers!) so she insisted on a door! Time will tell whether an open plan loo is the way to go.
    Everyone has a different take on it; gotta love that. How dull if we all loved beige!

  5. Hey E and M, sorry I didn’t get notified of your response 😦

    Our file just got moved to construction today and expecting a call from our slab supervisor any time now.

    Speakers we are putting into the cinema are a set of Seaton speakers. They are made to order speakers from the US and construction time takes about 8 months. So once I have them, the house would be finished (there’s hoping). The best thing about Seaton speakers is that you are buying directly from the speaker designer, cutting out the distributor (30%+ markup) and retailer (50%+ markup).

    Seaton Catalyst speakers (three of them) for Left, Centre, Right and Seaton Submersive HP (two of them) as subwoofers. The surround speakers will likely be Seaton Spark (two of them), they are currently being redesigned and can’t be ordered. I’ve budgetted about $25k for the speakers and have $6k left on the budget after the first order, there’s hoping the Sparks won’t be too expensive.

    For TV, a Panasonic VT60 plasma (you can haggle to about $2.8k inc shipping).

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