My kitchen rules!

The hub our house and the love of our world. We decided to spare no expense on the kitchen. Sure it might be laminates everywhere else in the house but the kitchen is the focal point.    

kitchen sketch

We’ve gone for a large island bench. It is 1380 wide, 2450 long and 60mm chunky stone. We’ve added a big deep storage cupboard to the island bench to hide all the living room junk! The kitchen has a nice overhang on two sides for lots of stools and island bench dinner parties.  We added a shelf to the island bench to break it up a a bit as it is a very imposing structure. It just softens it a bit.

We have pushed the bench out into the living and dining area a bit to give the bench some room for foot traffic.

The kitchen bench will feature three glass pendant lights, of which we are still finalising.

We moved the sink from the island to make it a more usable space. That means the sink, stove, dishwasher are all in a row.  Not the dream kitchen triangle of fridge, sink and stove. Time will tell.

We’ve gone a glass window splashback. It turns out this option is cheaper than tiling or a glass splashback. Good news because we think these windows to the garden are sensational. Hard to keep clean, but how good do they look.  Off white tiles adorn the sides of the sink and stove area.

The overhead cupboards are just a long row of off white. We’ve integrated the range hood as well. We’ve added a bulkhead above the cupboards so they don’t just stop and hang in mid air.

We’ve gone for oversized drawers where possible as the standard ones are just annoying. I’m a drawer stuffer sort of person, so I like to toss and never have another drawer jam ever again!

The walk in pantry is massive so that will be the main storage larder area. It will also house all appliances ready-to-go on a workbench on one side and shelves on the other.  I like storing sacks of coffee beans, grains, olives, preserves, so a large pantry was a must.

We have gone with twin 60cm electric ovens. We looked at a big monster oven, but we’ve had one of those before and only used it to full capacity a few times. The new trend seems to be two ovens for maximum usefulness. I like this trend. I like the functionality of dual cooking.

We’ve also upgraded the exhaust fan range hood to a super monster unit that will ensure our house doesn’t smell like a kitchen. We went the maximum litres of circulation we could afford. It also sends the air outside, rather than into the roof cavity.

We’ve gone an integrated dishwasher because it was not much more.

I purchased all appliances through Metricon. Of the four appliances, only one could be found $80 cheaper – a clearance model from a deep discount online retailer.  Metricon also manages the install as well. Well worth it. I’m not sure why people do appliances themselves. Worth getting a quote to see whether the saving is really there.

Remove the black handles – and stove from the bench – and this is sort of the look. Oh, and our bench will also run long ways.

Metro_32_CH_Kitchen_2 Metro_32_CH_KitDining

3 thoughts on “My kitchen rules!

  1. It’s great that you have been able to modify your kitchen so much. I agree that it is the heart of the home, and yours certainly looks impressive. Love the window splashback and shelving on the island!

  2. Exciting hundy! We’re putting a new kitchen into our new house when we move in so have done lotsa research on them! Must be cool to get to redesign the whole house exactly like u want it. Anyhoo hope ur well xx

  3. Thanks Liz. Aren’t kitchen renovations fun? It is very exciting to build something from scratch but there are compromises made. You do need to be comfortable with the builder’s layout. Thankfully we were very happy with ours. It was a very good match to our architect’s plans for our reno!

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