Choosing a house floor plan – Metricon Salamanca 34

Choosing a house floorplan

How do you choose the floor plan for your home? There seem to be hundreds of options across the major builders, and even more if you count all the little guys.  Good luck! It is a tough slog of lots of display homes and internet browsing.

A few questions that may help.

  • What restrictions does your block have for width and length?
  • How much front, side and rear yard do you want?
  • What is the optimal orientation for the house to capitalise on the northern orientation?
  • How do you use your home?
    • Entertaining?
    • Watching lots of TV
    • Outdoor living etc
  • Do you want bedrooms upstairs or down?
  • Do you want a parents retreat?
  • Do you like an open plan kitchen, dining, lounge?
  • Do you want an office?
  • Do you like dividing walls or prefer the house to flow?

We chose the Metricon Salamanca as it really met the brief of our family and ticked most of the above list for us.  What we love about the Salamanca 34:

  • Feeling of space throughout
  • Large spacious adult retreat that will also be a study room as well
  • Generous ensuite for relaxing in a lazy bath
  • A lovely front balcony
  • A generous front office
  • Generous butler’s pantry
  • A hidden staircase (we didn’t want a feature one)
  • A laundry on the north side (of our block)
  • An outdoor room on the north side
  • A really relaxed design upstairs where nothing is cluttered or jammed in.
  • A really modest width and length (leaving us with 66% of our land for a backyard and garden)

What was important to you? Did you compromise on anything? Did you find a great floorplan?


Day 8 – Site Manager and digging

We have a site manager! He’s a local guy who actually lives in our suburb. His kids go to the same primary school as ours. I’m thrilled with this development. I must ask him whether he looked after the two stunning Metricon houses just finished in our street and adjoining street. They look amazing! He’s told us ‘communication’ is key. That is music to our ears. He is also very enthused to be building the Salamanca Ascent façade – something that has never been built in Victoria! How cool is that!

We’ve also chatted to our great neighbours to let them know what is happening. We appreciate building is a disruption to their lives, so if we can make it easier through keeping them informed, then we will.

Today has seen more digging on site and the plumbers are in laying the pipes. We have been told a slab could be as close as next week – weather dependent. How exciting.

2013-10-17 18.07.02

Pros and cons of a knockdown rebuild with a volume builder

I get asked a lot about why we went with a volume builder. Why not go with a boutique builder? Or even better, why not build a dream house from scratch.


  • You get to walk in and live and breathe the house you are going to build via a display home. Don’t underestimate how amazing this is
  • Price is very sharp price compared to other options.
  • Guarantee – 25 year structural guarantee
  • Our bank was very happy that we were going with a well-known company
  • A broad range of floor plans that will suit a lot of people
  • Fixed price –what you see on your contract is what you pay


  • Somewhat limited facades
  • Lack of customisation of the house; it is not overly easy to add a room here or there
  • Some limitations of fixtures (flooring, heating and cooling etc)
  • You have to play within the volume builders timelines and milestones

What do you think? Do you have any other Pros or Cons to add to this list?


Day 1

What an exciting week it has been. We were shocked to drive past the block to find that we have a start date! The digger was in full swing cutting into our block to get ready for the plumbing and slab preparation.

I was expecting more of a cut in given that our block is on a bit of a hill. The block looks huge. I’m also excited by the embankment on the right hand side that is already shaping as a lovely raised bed for my future vegetable garden.

The overwhelming emotion is relief that after 12 months of paperwork – and waiting – we are finally at day one. I didn’t really appreciate how long it would take from the day we got a quote to the day the site would be open for business. I’ve never done this before; maybe it just takes this long.