Day 8 – Site Manager and digging

We have a site manager! He’s a local guy who actually lives in our suburb. His kids go to the same primary school as ours. I’m thrilled with this development. I must ask him whether he looked after the two stunning Metricon houses just finished in our street and adjoining street. They look amazing! He’s told us ‘communication’ is key. That is music to our ears. He is also very enthused to be building the Salamanca Ascent façade – something that has never been built in Victoria! How cool is that!

We’ve also chatted to our great neighbours to let them know what is happening. We appreciate building is a disruption to their lives, so if we can make it easier through keeping them informed, then we will.

Today has seen more digging on site and the plumbers are in laying the pipes. We have been told a slab could be as close as next week – weather dependent. How exciting.

2013-10-17 18.07.02

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